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To organizers

Hello, we are Alkonost. If you organize concerts, or work for a concert agency, or you are an art director for a concert venue, you can make a bright, memorable folk-metal concert in your city.

What you get:

  • The oldest folk-metal group of Russia with a name that is known even to ordinary people;
  • Spectacular stage show, for which the audience will thank you after the concert;
  • Signature, recognizable sound;
  • The concert will be attended by the ardent group’s fans, which Alkonost has amassed a lot in its 20-year history;
  • Adequate concise technical rider.

The group itself has developed sites in social networks, so we will be happy to assist you in creating and promoting the meeting and other organizational issues.

By contacting us at with the note "concert organizer", you will receive complete information about fees, the optimal time for organizing a concert, musicians’ accommodations and other details that allow you to make a concert on a truly top level and build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with us.


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