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Alkonost 2020

Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya - vocals

Andrey Losev - lead guitar

Pavel Kosolapov - guitar 

Vadim Grozov - bass 

The history of the band ALKONOST begins in the second half of the year of 1995, when the former bass-guitarist Elk in the local bands MOURNING BEADS, MOLESTATION and CANONIS Elk decided to make his own project. His attention was concentrated towards medieval European music and Russian folk-lore melodies. After a while, based on this tradition, he created the original sounds of the future band and chose the participating artists according to it. A year later in August 1996 these efforts brought the forming of the collective, which got the name Alkonost.

The first line-up of the band included three musicians: Elk - guitar, Alexey Solovjev (Alex Nightbird) - bass and Sergey Medvedev (Kooker) - guitar. But the given line-up existed only until August 1997. Kooker leaves the band, but he left into heritage one of the best compositions of early ALKONOST "Shadows Of Dark Days", which was included in the first demo of three tracks "Shadows Of Glory" (1997).

1. Since the team was not completed, all live shows in the year of 1997, were induced under the maintenance of a drum machine and participation of a sessional vocals Radji (Cerberus), which also sang on the first recordings of the band. This situation didn't go well for the band and on the very end the band gave up from on-stage performance and started recording their full-length album. In the next two years Elk and Alex Nightbird worked on the album "Songs Of The Eternal Oak". The long search for a vocal for that recording brought to that, since they could find an appropriate candidate Alex Nightbird stood in front of the mic that led to not-so-bad results. At the same time band enters the drummer Vladimir Lushin (VL), which until then played in several heavy bands. And in this line-up (Elk - guitar, Alex Nightbird - vocal, bass, VL - drums) ALKONOST takes place in the Chelny metal festival "Apocalypse-2" (12.12.98 г.) together with "Miscreant" (Ufa), "Molestation" (Chelny), "Pannychida" (Kazan). With this show ALKONOST introduced itself as a whole band and started with regular shows. In 1999 the collective performed on several concerts in Chelny, including the metal festival " Apocalypse - 3" (30.10.99 г.), traveled to Perm, to take place in "Death Panorama-7" (10.04.99 г.). They were recognized as the most popular rock-band of the city of Kazan and at the same time they continued working on recording the album.

At the end of 1999 the line-up of ALKONOST was: Elk -guitars, Alex Nightbird - vocal, bass VL - drums, Almira - keyboards (entered the band in February 1999). On the 26th of January 2000th they presented their first album "Songs Of The Eternal Oak", which was released on tapes in May the same year under the Latvian Label Beverina Production and the German Label Ketzer Records.

During the year of 2000 ALKONOST continues with live shows in Chelny, takes places on the metal festival in Perm "Death Panorama-9" (30.04.2000 г.) and the Ulyanovsk rock festival. But the great number and complexity of the live shows generated performances accompanied by annoying technical lining, that were affecting the spirit of the team and in October ALKONOST cancels its participation in concerts.

During this so-called "vacation", the band starts to record their demo of three tracks "Spirit Tending To Revolt". But the work on the demo, because of the faulty studio was ceased, for almost a year. On top of all the bad luck, VL leaves ALKONOST, but luckily his place is taken by Anton, which played in the Chelny bands CERBERUS и FLAMING HATE. At that time the band enters the female vocalist Alena, an occurrence that changed the sound and the language of the band for good - the English-speaking male harsh vocals is succeeded by the Russian-speaking female clean vocals. In April 2001 ALKONOST start their live performance again by taking places in sessions and festivals in Chelny, Mendeleevsk, Kazan and the "Zhelezniy Marsh - 2" in Ufa. At the same time they finish recording the demo "Spirit Tending To Revolt" (August 2001) and they start working on the first compositions in Russian language subsequently included in the demo "Nevedomie Zemly" (November 2001).

AlkonostOn the 31th of July 2002 the CD "Alkonost" (Ketzer/Beverina) is released, which included the album "Songs Of The Eternal Oak", the demo "Spirit Tending To Revolt" and two videos. The disc received not-so-bad critics from the western recusants and the German journal

RockHard gave it a rating of 7,5 out of 10 points, which is not that bad for a recording that has flaws. In 2003 ALKONOST started recording their new album and at the same time continued their live show in Chelny, but also in other places and taking place in the Chronos Fest in Perm (11.04.2003) and Rock-Line (5.07.2003). In September the same year the line-up of ALKONOST is updated with the entrance of the guitarist Dmitry Sokolov, and in November they signed a contract with "Gruppa Soyuz Music" for the rerelease of the CD "Alkonost" in Russia.

In 2004 ALKONOST becomes the first winner of the rock premiere in Chelny " Living hell " in the nominations for "The best rock band" and "Rock breakthrough", they sign a life-long contract for the release of their albums with concern "Union Group", takes place in "Folk-Metal

Feste 2" (22th of May) in Sankt-Petersburg and " Zhelezniy Marsh - 5" (31th of May) in Ufa.

In November 2004 the team at "Soyuz Records" release the new album of the folk metal band ALKONOST under the name "Between The Worlds" which included 7 songs in English and one in Russian language. It was also expected to make a version solely in Russian under the name "Mezhmirye" with few modified vocal parts. The presentation of the alum was conducted in Moscow on the 4th of December 2004 ("Р-Club") and in Sankt Petersburg on the 12th of February 2005 (club "Arctic").
During 2005, the band has toured rigorously, visiting Ufa, Kazan, Izhevsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Nizhny Novgorod , etc. Also, Alkonost has won the Chelninskiy rock award "Best Rock Band of the Year" for the second time.

Meanwhile, the release of the most anticipated album "Between The Worlds" in Russian language, recorded earlier than English version on 'Soyuz Music", had not been issued still. Stagnation resulted in a radical shake-up of band’s internal relations and band’s status. As a consequence it led to a "divorce" of band with their director D.V. Tyunev. Then group entered the studio to record the album "The Way Not Passed./Put Neproydenniy".

Mixing and mastering of the album was produced by the studio "CDM-records" ( Moscow) . In the spring of 2006 "Metalism records" prod. released "Mezhmirye" and "The Way Not Passed/Put Neproydenniy". In support of these releases ALKONOST went to the big tour around Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg , Tver , Kazan , Yoshkar-Ola , Naberezhnye Chelny, Perm , Ekaterinburg, Togliatti, Ufa) , where each of the band's shows was celebrated as the emotionally - rich show, mostly created by the combination of the duet of vocalist Alena Pelevina and bassist / vocalist Alexei Solovyov. "The Way Not Passed " got a lot of great reviews in the magazines, excellent support of fans and many suggestions about the concerts around the country ... Group revived. After the tour, without any rest the group re-starts rehearsals and composing new songs. Processing and re-issuing of their debut album "Songs Of Eternal Oak" in Russian language, and at the same time, band was recording in the studio a new album! And, at the same time, CD " Path Not Passed", just recently released, continued to collect all well-deserved reviews. In the end, the album was included in one of the most respected Russian metal charts - "Top Metal Album- 100" by the magazine Dark City, and ALKONOST took the first place!

The band celebrated its 10- year anniversary making a big concert in the best concert hall of the city, performing not only time-tested hits, but new compositions as well. On the very next day after this event, which attracted nearly 1000 people audience in November 2006, the band started journey for more than 1000 km to Moscow for mixing and mastering of their next album called "Song of Eternal Tree" on Moscow Sound Records studio. This time not only the band members took part in the release, but also vocalists of the Moscow bands "Svarga" and "Rarog". The CD was released by the Moscow label Metalism records.

In February 2007 Alkonost went for its second big tour, playing 11 ( !) Concerts within 14 days in the cities of Ukraine as well as in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Musicians, once returned from this momentous tour, took a short vacation, after which entered the studio again to complete the recording of their CD "Stone Heart’s Blood " - second for this year, which included re-recorded and re-arranged compositions dated back to 1995-1997, when the band existed as a studio project, together with brand new songs, not included in the album "The Way Not Passed". Eight ( !) vocalists took part in recording of this material to give songs symphonic, epic sounding . Thus the entire career Alkonost for 11 years was “documented" from its very first songs.
In June 2007, the band once again goes to a small tour for shows in Sevastopol, as the second headliner together with legends of domestic metal band "MASTER" and also participated as a headliner in Minsk festival folk-metal music together with the legendary Belarusian group "Znich".

In the autumn of the same year the song Alkonost " Darkness " (CD " Path Not Passed " 2006 ) was included into CD- compilation "METALMESSAGE Vol. IV", published in Germany by information and music portal "METALMESSAGE" (

October 2007 marked the band's first tour outside the borders of the former USSR. Alkonost visited Eastern Europe with series of concerts, performing in 5 cities of Check Republic and Slovakia.
Upon return of band members to their native land they had been awaited by release of brand new CD "Stone Heart’s Blood." In honor of this event was organized presentation concert in Alkonost’s native city of Naberezhnye Chelny together with Arkona band. "Stone Heart Blood" closed 11 - year period of "ancient history" of the group, it was supported by the participation of the band in a large , 2- day rock festival in Pomorje (Arkhangelsk) "Belomor Boogie 2007" as headliners.
In April, the band started for the new tour, performing concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, together with the famous Swedish Vikings Manegarm in the company of colleagues from Arkona , Nomans Land, Kalevala. Also, shows took place in Ufa , Kazan, Saratov , Ulyanovsk. All these concerts were timed to coincide with the release of debut DVD Alkonost "Arkona Walls". Filming this show was made in October 2005 during the Moscow concert of the band in a club "Relax". Audio track was mixed in the studio Moscow Sound records. The DVD presented the best songs of the group from the albums " Mezhmirye " and "Path Not Passed " accompanied by a band’s specialty stage show with traditional synchronous " helicopters", (which became their hallmark), and the cheerful compering by frontman. The DVD was released as a digi-pack by Sound Age Production (Moscow) .

Upon returning from the tour the band was invited by the English label Iron Age Records to participate in the CD- compilation of European pagan folk metal bands, as representatives of Russia . In this compilation group presented two new songs, which opened its "New History".

In the summer of 2008 the band went to its full-time vacation, for the first time in 12 years, devoting their free time to personal life :) . During this vacation composers group had written 8 new songs. It was time to record a new album .
In 2008 the group took part in a concert tour in Russia, and in April 2009 - in Europe (Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands , Germany , Slovakia , Czech Republic). During European tour, the band performed at the Ragnarok fest, held in Germany from 17 to 18 April . At the festival, the band played along with Einherjer, Korpiklaani, Týr, Thyrthing, Månegarm, Melechesh , etc.

During the year 2009 Alkonost was recording a new album , occasionally leaving to concerts in Russia .
In 2010, the German label «Einheit Produktionen» issued the highly anticipated new album "On The Wings Of The Call", after that Alexey Soloviev had left the band. Alkonost focused on recording a new album, occasionally giving a single concerts in Russia and Ukraine. 

In 2011-2012 Almira Fathullina, Alena Pelevina, Anton Chepigin and session bassist / vocalist Vladimir Pavlik left the group. In the live composition of the band join Ksenia Pobuzanskaya (vocals) and Maksim Shtanke (vocals/bass guitar), and with the new composition of the band, Alkonost continue with active concerts and live shows.

In 2012 the band continues with performing concerts actively in big events like: Moto-Maloyaroslavez, Nashestvie, Zhar-Fest, CARPATHIAN ALLIANCE METAL FESTIVAL (UA). Then they start a mini-tour around Ukraine. 
The year of 2013 was marked with the release of their new album Сказки странствий and a big concert tour to support that album. In just month and a half the band visited more than 30 cities and towns in Russia! Two years in a row the band takes place in a very famous, grandiose event called FOLK SUMMER FEST. The headliners of that festival in 2014 were world-wide acknowledged bands, including Korpiklaani, Mel’niza и Arkona. Regularly visiting the cities in Russia, in June 2014 the band releases their single under the name “Rusalka”, which is very well accepted by the crowd.
The band plans the release of their album Skazky Stranstviy in English and the recording of a new album.

In 2015 Maxim Shtanke and Dmitry Sokolov leaved the band and their places were temporarily occupied by Vitold «VITOLD» Buznaev (bas guitar, vocals) and Danila Pereladov (guitar). Alkonost continued to play a lot of live shows and also participated in the international tribute to Paradise Lost as well as the Russian tribute to Butterfly Temple. The English version of "Tales of Wandering" album was published in autumn 2015 by two labels: Latvian Beverina (vinyl) and Russian Sound Age (CD). The band had also made a music video for the accoustic version of "Mermaid". 

In the begining of summer 2016 Alkonost re-released the "Stone Heart Blood" album on a vinyl together with a Latvian label Beverina. Also in May 2016 this label released an exclusive collectors edition of "Mermaid" single on a mini-vinyl limited to 21 copy worldwide! It containes the album version of this song on the one side and the accoustic version on another. 

In 2016, Rustem Shagitov joined the band as a bass guitarist and Pavel Kosolapov took the place of guitarist-vocalist. The band continued to play live actively, performing at such events as Folk Winter Fest, Zhivoe Peklo, Folk Summer Fest 2016 as well as many other festivals. In the fall of 2016, the band went on tour to European countries presenting their 7-th full-length album “Pesni Beloy Lilii” (Songs of the White Lily), which was released on October 5, 2016. For now the band continues to present this album in Russia.

March 3, 2017 the Alkonost anniversary show was held. The band celebrated their 20th anniversary by playing live in two (!) line-ups: the classic one and the present.

On March 17, 2017 Alkonost signed a 3-year contract with the SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS label for publishing the "Songs Of the White Lily" album on CDs and it's distribution in Europe. On March 29, the Black Death Production label released the cassette edition of "Songs Of the White Lily" album. 

Alkonost 2017

During 2017 Alkonost played many live shows, including participation in the biggest Russian and Belorussian festivals such as Тропою Предков, Folk Summer Fest, Вереск, Зарайская слобода, Минск Старожитный. 

September 5, 2017 the band released Internet single "Тропа к весне" consisting of the two songs, one of which will be included in the new full-length album which is to be released in 2018, and another one being a remake of the song from the two first band's albums. November 1, 2017 this single was released on vinyl by the Beverina, limited to 30 copies.

February 2, 2018: single «The River» was released. This is the English version of the song «River» from “Songs of the White Lily” album.

April 1, 2018: single "Falling Leaves" from the upcoming album was released. After the release of that single the band went on a European tour to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia.

August 30, 2018: the day of the 22 anniversary of the band. The Internet edition of single "Gates of Winter" was released.

October 8, 2018: the eve of release of the full-length album. The single "Fern" was released.

October 21, 2018: the 8-th album "Octagramm" was released.

July 1, 2019. The single "Lenta na Vetru" (Ribbon in the Wind) was released. It included a new version of the song "Cold Fire of the Night" called "Cold Fire of the Night 2019".

Alkonost 2018

October 15, 2019. The single "Sail" was released. It included the song of the same name and the rethought song "Vihr’ Vremeni" (the original "Vortex of Times" from the 2004 Alkonost album).

End of February 2020 - March 2020. Alkonost did a Ural-Siberian tour from Ufa to Krasnoyarsk with session musicians: Ravil Nizametdinov - drums (Psychosis, Impact), Pavel Kosolapov - guitar.

May 1, 2020. A new single "Tam, gde zhivut vetra" (Where the Winds Live) was released. Mixing and mastering - Vitold "Vitold" Buznaev (Grai, Impact).

On July 31, 2020 the first single from the experimental album "Alkonost - Piano version" called "The River" was released.

On August 30, 2020 another single "The Prophecy" from the upcoming full-length album titled "Driven By the Wind" was released. This single also includes a cover version of the Voronia's song "Witch" (written by Rimma Bahteeva, ex-Grai).

On October 30, 2020 the second single from the "Alkonost - Piano version" album, the "Night Time" was released.

On November 13, 2020 the album "Alkonost - Piano version" was released. It contains some of the band's songs done in a New Age style.

On December 11, 2020 the song "Bird" featuring guest vocals from Petri Lindroos (Ensiferum) was released.

On January 21, 2021, the ninth full-length album "Vedomye Vetrom" (Driven by the Wind) is released.


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