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Alkonost - Солнце/Solntse/The Sun

Hooray! Today, we have turned 25 years old and we are happy to introduce you to our new song "Солнце/Solntse" ("The Sun").

Download / Listen:

It sometimes happens that the whole world seems to turn against you. You feel all alone and there is nothing around you that could inspire you, nor anyone who could support you. But it also can be the other way around: you are happy and glowing, but in the depths of your soul are afraid that your streak of luck will end, and that that which has a lot of meaning for you will be taken away. But in these situations, we all forget about what is of main importance: the source of life, strength, energy, inspiration and, lastly, happiness lies within ourselves. A person that opens up this source, shows self-belief, knows and loves themselves — is capable of anything! Listen to our new song, sing along, tune in to yourself, pay attention — and you will feel how in the depths, in your heart, a magical fiery flower will start to bloom. Let it grow, gather strength, and turn into a glowing sun that cannot be extinguished by any difficulties or sadness!


Alkonost - Птица/Ptitsa (feat. Rossomahaar)

We present you the song "Птица/Ptitsa", recorded with the participation of Sergey Lazar (ARKONA, ROSSOMAHAAR).

Download / Listen:

The power of mother's love is truly miraculous. No matter how far will the warrior's path take him, the mother's blessing is always there. For her heart always hurts for him. Our song will tell you how Mother Nature herself protects the warrior from death following the word of his own mother. And how it can return him back to life reminding that our world is full of love and even the most severe wounds will be healed someday.


Alkonost - Песня силы/Pesnya Sily

Friends! We are glad to present you our new video for the song "Песня силы/Pesnya Sily".

Why did we choose this song?

The fact is that it's the key song from our album "Vedomye Vetrom" (Guided by the Wind) in terms of it's meaning. It expresses album's main message: everything is in your hands, you can change the world with a word, starting with yourself!

We've composed this song during the lockdown period, because now, with so many problems and difficulties around you simply need some charge of positive energy. Some way to believe in yourself and ability to find a way out of any situation.
We really hope that our video will charge you positively.

Download/listen to the album "Ведомые ветром/Vedomye Vetrom":


Alkonost - Пророчество/Prorochestvo (live on Moscow 2021)

Guys, today we are in a hurry to share with you another video from the presentation of the album "Vedomye Vetrom" in Moscow.
The song is "Prorochestvo".


Piano Version (Instrumental)

Lots of you know that we've been looking for the "right" acoustic sound for us for a long time and could not find it. So when the Piano version album was released we couldn't stop and continued our artistic experiments.

And today we want to present you the Piano version (instrumental)! That's not just the backing tracks of our acoustic songs but a completely reworked Margarita's parts. We worked on them so that they would sound like an independent pieces of music. We hope that you will appreciate and love our Piano version (instrumental).


The album is also available on all digital platforms.


Alkonost - Ведьма/Vedma (Voronia cover) [live in Moscow 2021]

Friends, we have another video from the presentation of the album "Ведомые Ветром/Vedomye Vetrom" in Moscow - "Ведьма/Vedma" (Voronya cover).


Digibook CD "Octagram"

Guys, we have great news! Finally, a batch of Octagram Digibook discs is ready!

Buy CD on Bandcamp:


Alkonost - Bird/Птица (live on Moscow 2021)

How it was? To watch our new live video for the song "Bird / Bird" from the presentation of the album "Ведомые Ветром/Vedomye Vetrom" in Moscow on February 19, 2021.


Instrumental version of the album "Ведомые ветром/Vedomye Vetrom"

For all instrumental music lovers, we have released our last album without vocals. In addition, now "Guided by the Wind" can not only listen but also sing.

The instrumental version is available on all digital platforms.


Digibook CD "Vedomye Vetrom"

Digibook Compact Disc (CD) "Vedomye Vetrom" available for purchase!

Buy CD on Bandcamp:

Unboxing video:


Album "Vedomye Vetrom" (Driven by the Wind)

Our ninth full length album "Vedomye Vetrom!

All links to shops and music services are here:

Thank you for your help and support: Pavel Kosolapov, Pobuzhanskaya Olga Pavlovna, Maria Shagitova, Sergei Kuzmin, the Losev family, the Karpov family, the Suvorov family, Ira Ninovich, Konstantin Kondakov, Yaroslav Golzauzer, Eduard Magafurov, Polina and Vasilisa Dokalov, Alexey Shirokov, Mikhail Manzhilevsky, Nizametdinova Raikhana, Shamil, Lira, Golubeva Maya, Irina Kamaeva, Veronika Zhuravleva, Elena Smirnova, Dmitry Kipelov, Nikodem Kolev, Ilya Sokolov, Mikhail Vonarkh, Yuri Mineev, Ilya Lopatkin, Mikhail Khruzin, Alexander Volkov who supported our "Vedomye Vetrom" crowdfunding project.


Hoodie reflective "Vedomye Vetrom"

Hi everyone!
We are starting to accept pre-orders for our new merchandise dedicated to the release of our new album "Guided by the wind". And it will not be just an excellent quality Czech hoodies, but a thing with an additional function. The "Guided by the wind" logo on the front and the Alkonost logo on the back will have a reflective effect (like the one traffic police have :)). This way you will be very visible in the dark.

Sizes: from S to 3XL


Album "Vedomye Vetrom"

We are opening pre-orders on Bandcamp for our next full length album, "Vedomye Vetrom"!

Since olden days people believe in magic. A secret power that can create a miracle, change the usual order of things in a moment. That can save from imminent death or, on the other hand, destroy someone who inadvertently brought upon himself the evil eye of a sorceress or displeased the spirits. Magic can be feared by avoiding a strange woman next door who is said to be a witch. It can be your hope when there is nothing else left to hope for. You may not believe in it, just listening to some campfire tales. And you can face it where you did not expect it at all.

Since olden days people know that magic lives in a word and a word lives in the air. The wind carries over the land the tales that passed by word of mouth and teach people and warn them against rash actions. The wind carries far away the sounds of the hymn, calling to raise swords to the slaughter. The wind picks up a spell like a ribbon in a braid, for the nature to respond, helping someone who breathes in unison with it. The wind carries into the darkness of the dungeon the words of a song sung by wanderer-bard, which kindles hope in the soul of the prisoner. Which makes him believe that he is stronger than the circumstances, and he can change the course of things by daring to be the true him, by doing what he must do, by taking his fate into his own hands.

"Guided by the wind" is about those who dared to trust to the wind, believing in its secret power - the magic spilled in the air. About those who knows firsthand what is the power of the word and what is the word of power. Our new album will tell you how the wind fills the sail of a misguided ship and leads him out of the fog to the saving light of a lighthouse. And how a word can lead and change the fate of a person, igniting the flames of the heart the way the wind blows the fire. And also about what happens if you don't listen to the wise words and go against the wind. For example, if you swim across the river after sunset on the eve of a Long Night, neglect the seer's advice or offend those who is protected by a spell.

All relevant links are here:

Album "Vedomye Vetrom" will be released January 21, 2021


Alkonost feat Petri Lindroos (Ensiferum​) - Bird

On December 11, 2020 the single "Bird" was released together with Petri Lindroos from Ensiferum.

All links to music services are here:


Alkonost Piano Version

Guys, we is in a hurry to share the news with you: on November 13, the album Alkonost Piano Version will be released!

For those who are not familiar with their music, Alkonost has a very bright and recognizable melodies, strong and at the same time gentle female vocals that are not very usual for this genre (and hence unique) and also a tale-like and mystical lyrics with a fantasy air in it.

All of these components opened up and shone a fresh colors in the band's new project. It's an unusual experiment based on the creative ideas of Margarita Petrovskaya, who has put beautiful Alkonost melodies on a romantic piano basis. A brand new approach to a favorite songs, new experience and new emotions are waiting for you!

All links:


Single "Podruga-Noch" (Night Time) [Piano version]

Hey everyone! We have some news for you:
October 29 2020 the new single "Podruga-noch/Подруга-ночь" (piano version) will be released.



Single "Prorochestvo" (Prophecy)

On August 30, 2020 the new single "Prorochestvo" will be released.

All links are here: 

Mare Mirkie about new single: "Since olden days, there has been legends among different nations about the people called "magi", who were endowed with a prophetic gift, the ability to see into the future. We will tell you one of a such stories. A tale of a magic flute belonging to the Wind himself, whose song gives people a gift of diviners. Those who hear the song of a Wind's Flute will be able to tell the future. Not everyone believes the words of the wise. One could be proud and strong, relying only on himself and his luck. But dont be too quick to argue with the fortune teller. His word can safe the life of someone who listens. Our story is about a warrior who could have taken the prophecy given to him into account and avoid the carnage. But he did not believe what the vagrant Magus, who wandered into the warrior's camp to pass the night by a campfire, said to him. And paid for it with his life. What does pride and glory means to the Wind's Flute? She sings her songs and those who are willing to listen - will hear her voice."


Premiere of the promo video "Reka" (Piano version)

The premiere of the song on YouTube today at 21:00 Moscow time. The day before the premiere of the song. Especially for fans of our creativity.

Video premiere:

Song release: July 31, 2020.
Download / listen:

First track from album Alkonost (Piano version). It will be song "Река / Reka".

Album will be released in autumn 2020.

It will be different fill of song, another vision, another Alkonost. It's airily, atmospheric, soulfully.

So that how we see and how we want it to do. Maybe we getting old 

Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya - vocals
Margarita Petrovskaya - piano
Andrey Locev - bass guitar
Eduard Magafurov - drums

Lyrics: Mare Mirkie

Director and videographer: Masha Shagitova
Video editing: Rustem Shagitov
Video editing assistant: Masha Shagitova
Technical support: Anastasia Tsalikova
Postproduction: Nikolay Kopachev

Composer: Andrey Losev
Song arrangement: Margarita Petrovskaya, Andrey Losev, Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya, Riyaz Khafizov, Timur Kudaev
Recorded and mixed: Timur Kudaev
Mastering - Vitold Buznaev

Thank you for the provided musical equipment to the School of Rock (Nab. Chelny)

(17 июля 2020)

Single "Reka" (Piano version)

Today we are launching a pre-sale on Bandcamp of our single Reka (Piano version). The release of the song is scheduled for July 31, 2020.

(10 апреля 2020)

Single "Tam, gde zhivut vetra"

On May 1, 2020, our new song "Tam, gde zhivut vetra" (Where the Winds Live) will be released. All links here:


Clip for the song "Listopad" (Leaf Fall)

On February 22, Alkonost released a new clip for the song "Listopad" (Leaf Fall) from the "Oktagramma" (Octagram) album. The premiere of the video on the band’s official YouTube channel.


Siberian tour 2020

At the end of February, the Alkonost group will visit the Urals and Siberia with the Octagram concert program. Look for your city in the concert schedule.

You can always see the current list of cities on our website in the "Concerts" section or in the Bandsintown service.


Single "Parus" (The Sail)

The single "Parus" (The Sail) released on October 15th.

Listen single on Bandcamp:

All links:


Single "Lenta na Vetru" (Ribbon in the wind)

Hello everyone! We have great news!

On July 1 our new single "Lenta na vetru" (Ribbon in the Wind) will see the light. It will include 2 songs: the first one is "Lenta na vetru" itself and the second song - well known, but a bit revisited song "Khladnyy ogon' nochi 2019" (Cold fire in the night).


Instrumental version of the album "Octagram"

Friends, we want to please you with the instrumental version of the album “Octagram”, which is now available in all music stores and on all streaming services (except Yandex Music).

Follow the link here

Or by direct links here:

Google Play
YouTube Music


Album "Octagram"

Friends! We are proud to present our eighth full-length album "Octagram".


Fern (Single)

Here it is-our "Fern"! The latest single, released in support of the upcoming album "Octagram" (October 21, 2018).


Presentation of the album "Octagram"

November 3 will be the presentation of the new album "Octagram" in Naberezhnye Chelny! Details here:


Single "The Gates of Winter"

Well ... That's what happened to us, friends, 22 years old!

All this time we've been trying to please you with our music. And today, on August 30 that's our birthday, we with particular pleasure present you "The Gates of Winter" single. This song will be included in our upcoming eighth full-length album "Octagram", which is coming this fall.


Single «Leaf Fall»

Hello, our friends! We are really glad to present you the result of our work, the new single "Листопад" (Leaf Fall). This song will be included into our upcoming album which is due in the autumn of 2018. We wish you all a pleasant listening!


Single «The River»

Here we want to present to you our new single "The River" You might have heard this song on our past album ("The Songs Of The White Lilly 2016), but we have re-recorded it and now this song has lyrics in English. All pleasant listening! Rules, you can listen on our Bandcamp.


Lyric-video Alkonost group

Hey everyone! Today we want to share our unique lyrics video which was made by our fans worldwide! Thank you for supporting us!


Available order collectible mini vinyl "Tropa k Vesne" (Path to the Spring)

Greetings everyone! Our latest single "Тропа к весне"(The Pass to Spring) was released as a limited edition mini-vinyl by Bevernia records, Latvia. It can be a unique piece in you collection. Buy now:


Предзаказ сингла "Тропа к весне"

Dear friends! We are pleased to present our single "Тропа к весне". This single will be available in all digital music stores:


Нам сегодня ДВАДЦАТЬ ОДИН!

Have a good day, guys! We’ve reached the age of 21 today!

We’re truly of legal age now. And in this connection we’re going to give a lot of surprises for you. One of them is our single which will be released on September 5.

We congratulate you on the our lives important event! And we thank you kindly for being with us all these years !!! HOORAY!!


Анонс максисингла «Тропа к Весне»

Hi, dear! Did you miss us?!! We’ve got great news for you!

In early September!!! To celebrate the twenty-one-year anniversary of the group! We present maxi-single «Path to Spring»!!!

You’ll meet 2 awesome tracks. The first one is completely new and will be included into our upcoming album (and it is just around the corner!). And the second track, which is merited to be trusted, is the old hit song "War is closed by us" (but pretty updated!). Let’s mark the coming of age with our music!!!

Until then… For not being bored much… We present you the lyrics of the new song written by other outstanding poet Mare Mirkie !!!

(29 марта 2017)

Publication of the album “Songs of the White Lily” on audio cassettes

On the Polish label Black Death Production came a small circulation of audio cassettes "Songs of the White Lily".

(17 марта 2017)

The album “Songs of the White Lily” released on Sleaszy Rider Records

Dear guys, we hurry to share with you the news! Alkonost has signed a contract with Greek label SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS. The album “Songs of the White Lily” in digipak format will be reissued very soon! Follow the news.

(3 марта 2017)

Anniversary concert of Alkonost

In honor of its 20th anniversary, the Alkonost group will give the ONE of its kind concert, which will combine the current composition and the CLASSIC COMPOSITION of the GROUP!

Yes, LEGENDARY COMPOSITION will reassemble and light up as before!

Supported by:

  • Gray
  • Anabioz
  • My Dose of Dopamine
  • SDNH

Information support:

  • TNT-Efir Naberezhnye Chelny
  • AMT Electronics
  • School of Rock (Naberezhnye Chelny)

Details of the event in the meeting in VK .

(5 октября 2016)

С гордостью представляем вам седьмой полноформатный альбом группы Alkonost "Песни белой лилии"!

Friends! The 7th full-length album entitled "Songs of the White Lily" was released.

The album can be listened to and purchased here at or here at Also, all materials related to the album are published in the collection on YouTube.

(30 августа 2016)

Юбилей группы!

Вот уже двадцать лет живет группа Alkonost. За это время выросло несколько поколений поклонников тяжелого металла и фолка. Менялась наша музыка, менялись и мы... Но вы, наши поклонники - самое постоянное что есть в нашей жизни. И, конечно наша музыка. Немного грустно от такого взросления, но, несмотря ни на что, мы движемся вперед! И это благодаря вашей многолетней поддержке!

Alkonost от всего сердца благодарит вас!!!

(Май 2016)

Сингл "Русалка" на виниле

Внимание!!! Вышел эксклюзивный тираж мини-винила на песню Русалка! Издано в количестве 21 шт. на весь мир! С одной стороны привычная версия нашей Русалки, с другой акустическая. Автор идеи издания, а также воплотитель этой идеи в жизнь - лейбл Beverina.

Весь тираж продан. По всем вопросам обращаться сюда: Послушать в электронном варианте

(16 Мая 2016)

Переиздание альбома "Каменного Сердца Кровь" на виниле

Ура! Друзья! С радостью сообщаем, что в начале лета будет наконец переиздан альбом группы Alkonost "Каменного Сердца Кровь" на латвийском лейбле Beverina. Носитель - винил. Тираж - 130 копий.

Оформить предзаказ по Россиии можно по почте или . Предзаказ по всему миру на

(10 Мая 2016)

Лосев Андрей эндорсер "AMT Electronics"

Все привет! У нас важная новость! Наш гитарист и композитор Лосев Андрей (Лось) стал эндорсером компании AMT Electronics. Он представляет вашему вниманию гитарный усилитель "Stonehead-50-4".

(Январь 2016)

Кавер на Paradise Lost

В самом начале 2016 года Fono Ltd. порадует любителей экстремального метала выпустив 2CD трибьют группе PARADISE LOST, в котором приняли участие команды со всего мира, включая 9 групп из России — ALKONOST, LITTLE DEAD BERTHA, MENTAL HOME и др. На этот раз все музыканты нестандартно подошли к записи своих версий знаменитых песен легендарных британцев — каждая композиция сборника хоть и узнаваема по первым же аккордам, но преподнесена в новом, современном звучании.

Два диска трибьюта представляют на суд слушателей своеобразный баттл между российскими и иностранными бандами, а кто победил — решать только тебе!

(6 декабря 2015)

Клип на акустическую версию песни "Русалка"

6 декабря 2015 г. группа Alkonost выпускает клип на акустическую версию песни "Русалка". Всем приятного просмотра!

(27 ноября 2015)

Трибьют на Butterfly Temple

27 ноября 2015 года на лейбле Mazzar вышел долгожданный диск, трибьют основателям русского pagan metal - Butterfly Temple. В трибьюте приняла участие группа Alkonost, записав кавер на песню "Земля".


"Tales Of Wanderings" - 2015

"Tales Of Wanderings" - это англоязычный вариант песен с альбома 2013 года "Сказки Странствий". Это не означает, что, подобно большинству коллективов, Алконост лишь перевели лирику песен на английский язык и добавили пару ноток для англоязычной версии, - альбом был полностью переработан специально для англоязычного издания, и все женские партии были исполнены новой вокалисткой группы!

Таким образом, "Tales Of Wanderings" мы можем назвать полностью самостоятельным, новым альбомом коллектива. Приятного прослушивания!

С 5 октября 2015 года альбом "Tales Of Wanderings" выпускался в Латвии в формате винила, а в ноябре 2015 вышел в России на лейбле Sound Age в формате CD.

Track list:

  1. The Sword of Fate
  2. Behind the Horizon
  3. Tales of Wandering
  4. Night Time
  5. Wonderland
  6. Winds & Storms
  7. All Alone (Lonliness Time)
  8. The Eerie (Gods Tower cover)


CD ALKONOST "На крыльях зова" - 2010

31 мая 2010 г. на немецком лейбле Einheit Produktionen выходит новый альбом Folk Metal группы ALKONOST – "На крыльях зова (On The Wings Of The Call)". Российское издание будет выпущено лейблом SoundAge Productions в формате Digi-book и будет доступно российским слушателям также 31 мая.

В записи альбома приняли участие вокалисты групп Сварга (Илья "Wolfenhirt"), Калевала (Ксения), Калевала, Рарог (Александр "Шмель").

Track list:

  1. Корабль-птица
  2. Хладный огнь ночи
  3. Древы-думы
  4. Несказанный свет
  5. Чудосветная быль
  6. Алый цвет
  7. Плач княжны (Cover version Canonis band)
  8. Новые неведомые земли
  9. Безвременье

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