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The River

Waves are so light
Carried by the flow.
Down by the shore
There's a boatman's home.

The old ferryman,
Old and skillful carrier!
Sail your airy boat
Over silver waves.

Graceful boat is light and so firm his hand,
People overseas recognize that man.
Glare skims over waves and spreads everywhere
Fame of man, with whom river secret shared

Someone calls him sage, no one knows his age,
Eyes like those of youth, didn't know the ruth.
Voice is sonorous, speech is beautiful,
He perceived the gist of troubles and disease.

Freely river
Overflows with waves.
Plash of a stream,
Quiet weep of cane...

Drive your airy boat
Old experienced carrier,
Drive your airy boat
Over silver moon.

Graceful boat is light, rumors day and night
Bring him silk and gold - lavish gifts of folk.
They all want to know, they all want to see
Secrets of the one, with whom the river speaks.

Father! Guide us now, share your wisdom, please,
How to live with fun, walk the path of bliss.
How to not astray, not to drift away,
Send our hearts like ships to the sunny rays.

He lived near the quay and the river whirled away
All his griefs and sorrows are drowned in cold waters.
He conceived all symbols and predestinations -
River's gently motion was his inspiration.

River boundless, dreamlike shores to rest,
House from grass and cane takes the yearn away.
Graceful boat is light and so firm is hand,
Morning rays of sun - pleasure for this man.

River wild and fast, flowing never ends
Through the winter snows, summer rains and storms.
All will dash away and return someday,
Love is to be found, life is all around.

Russian version: «Река».


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