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Leshy's Bride

Verdant leaves of misty forest kissed by shining morning rays,
Silky grass along the path is leading to midsummer day.
Follow me, now go with me -
The ancient oakwoods whispering.
Wind is playing with my silky curls,
Caressing gentle skin.

Earth stands still like dazzling bride awaiting for the wakening,
To the path of heaven's altar comes the glorious Sunny King.
Follow me, now go with me -
Wind's murmur sounds like sorcery.
But I know this is my darling
Croons his love song tenderly

Suddenly the path is lost, no chance that it could be discerned
And one lonely reed is trembling on the wind above the pond

Charming were his songs, but he is not the one of human race,
Master of the forest trails, his breath is like a sweetish breeze.
Follow me, now go with me -
That's not supposed for men to hear.
Closed up twisted leaves behind
The one who gave her heart to Shade.

Russian version: «Невеста Лешего».


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