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Sadness like a gray bird
Slowly flies in the air,
Beak is like made of steel -
For my heart to impale.
Oh, I wish you could hide
Me from its frightening gaze/stare
But I feel, I'm so weak,
Cold twines me like a snake.

Gray dawn washes the sky
As the Sun hides its light,
Death is like a black bird
Screams at me in the night.
Oh, if only i could
Say farewell to you, dear
Still my heart senses you,
Sea surf whispering near.

Am I hearing your voice,
Or I see just a dream?
Overcame bird of death,
You are staying with me.
You've got rid of the grief
From the trouble saved me,
Woke me up from a sleep
And from death we are free.

Russian version: «Птица-печаль».


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