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Blow, wind!

Brother-wind, wind my friend
Flying over distant lands
Through the whole human world
Everyone can hear you word!

Wind, brother, breeze and blow
Carry my song abroad,
Spreading among the men
Miracles of my land!

There, in my abundant land
The Sun is always dwells
And everyone is free just like wind!

Hear my voice from the land
Free from trouble and from chains
while the whole human world
Drowns in sorrow, sinks in gore

Words of mine, fly above,
Grant hope against bad luck,
Heal every heart you find
With my land's tender light!

There, where spring forever shines
Where water's calm and bright
And everyone is careless like wind...

Words of mine, fly around,
Passing from old to young,
Nomads from here and there
Searching for Promised Land

There, above the water's white
Rejoice in blissful dance
Their friend - the reckless, ageless, free wind...

Russian version: «Ветер, вей!».


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